Novitec Power stage 2

Novitec Power stage 2

Order number: F145805

Manufacturer: Novitec

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Product information "Novitec Power stage 2"

Novitec powerstage 2 consisting of an new adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves and a higher cut-off speed to 9.100rpm (thereby a higher V-max), Inconel exhaust manifolds, stainless-steel exhaust system without flap-regulation including novitec tailpies and sport metal catalysts (100 zeller) with reduced exhaust back pressure. Take variant 1

optional exhaust system with flap-regulation and switching of the exhaust flaps at the manettino in the steering wheel. Take variant 2

weight-reduction: 19kg

performance: 446kW (607hp) at 9.100rpm

max. torque: 566Nm at 5.400rpm

Vmax: + 5km/h


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